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  • Helidaplex

    Helidaplex-Helidaplex provides immediate protection to your hair from the negative effects of chemicals, heat and oxidation.

  • Sp Luxe Oil Serum

    Sp Luxe Oil Serum

  • Wella Brilliance Mask Treatment

    • Wella brilliance treatment for fine to normal colored hair
    • Instantly helps restore and enhance vibrancy of colored hair
    • Leaves hair full of free-flowing movement and irresistible to the touch
  • Wella Enrich Mask Treatment

    Treatment mask for coarse hair that works almost instantly to protect your hair from damage, dryness and repair the damage within your hair.

  • Wella Enrich Serum

    A nourishing leave-in boost that helps to instantly repair distressed hair, leaving it soft to the touch and full of vitality.

  • Wella Illumina

    ILLUMINA COLOR elevates light to its highest spectrum revealing previously unseen potential in hair.

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